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The Department of Neurology is a sub-specialty of The Centre for Excellence in Neurosciences at Meitra Hospital. The department offers treatments for highly complex neurological conditions with an expert team of Neurologists and rehabilitation experts. In close coordination with the Brain and Spine Surgery Department, Meitra’s accomplished Neurologists and Neurosurgeons are able to treat the most critical neurological conditions with precision. 

Specialized Clinics: 

Meitra Advanced Epilepsy Centre: A specialized level-4 epilepsy clinic solely dedicated to the treatment of Epilepsy 

Complete Stroke Management Unit: This dedicated Stroke Management Unit supports the efficient management of stroke and rehabilitation after the episode. 

Parkinsonism & Movement Disorder clinic and Deep Brain Stimulation Programme: The Institute of Neurosciences at Meitra Hospital has initiated a unique program known as the Deep Brain Stimulation Program to treat Parkinson's disease and other movement and neurological disorders.

What is Epilepsy? | Dr. Poornima Narayan

Conditions and Treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are neurological disorders genetic?

While most neurological conditions are not inherited, some, like Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease to name a few, may run in families.

Can a blood test detect neurological problems?

Blood tests can monitor levels of therapeutic drugs used to treat epilepsy and other neurological disorders. Analyzing urine samples can reveal toxins, abnormal metabolic substances, proteins that cause disease, or signs of certain infections.

How are neurological disorders treated?

Treatment or symptomatic relief is different for each condition. To find treatment options, neurologists will perform and interpret tests of the brain or nervous system. Treatment can help patients with neurological disorders maintain the best possible quality of life.