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Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

The Department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics at Meitra Hospital plays a key role in improving the nutritional health and well-being of patients to optimize their clinical management. Application of principles of nutrition for promoting good health forms the core of dietetic practice at our hospital, the service being at par with international standards. Good nutrition is vital for good health, and disease prevention and is essential for healthy growth.

The Department makes systematic efforts to provide with quality diet to all our patients. Every in-patient receives a visit from the dietician, where patients receive food from the hospital /or utilize hospital catering services. The dietician ensures clinical needs with the treating doctor and the patient/patient's relatives after taking into consideration their food habits. Therefore, nutritional therapy is planned and provided collaboratively.

Our team of dietitians will work alongside medical, nursing, and surgical departments to provide evidence-based nutrition advice across both inpatients and outpatients. The dietetic team will provide expertise across a wide range of specialties including critical care, neurological conditions, cardiology, renal, digestive diseases, oncology, and bariatric surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cancer patients eat meat?

Weight loss and malnutrition are a concern for many cancer patients. Patients are advised to limit their consumption of red meat and processed meat. 

Can diet reverse metabolic diseases?

A comprehensive diet plan along with the medications for metabolic diseases advised by your physician goes a long way to reverse the disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

What is the meaning of clinical dietetics?

Clinical Dietetics is the application of dietetics in a hospital or health care institutional setting. Clinical dietetics focuses on individual nutrition support and symptom management