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Back in 2012, the founding members of Meitra Hospital envisioned creating an outstanding quaternary healthcare facility to provide unparalleled clinical care and patient experience in India. The mission to provide the best quality healthcare to all strata of society was accomplished with the launch of Meitra. 

Meitra is an advanced quaternary care hospital of international standards located in Calicut. The infrastructure, medical facilities, and clinical services are benchmarked against the world’s best hospitals. Spanning 450,000 sq. ft, Meitra hosts 220 individual patient rooms and suites. The hospital also has 7 high-functioning operation theatres and 52 individual intensive care units and is supported by cutting-edge medical diagnostic equipment. The recovery of patients is much faster at Meitra because of the precise clinical care one receives, along with the feel-good environment created through its unique infrastructure. Meitra has been awarded Best Hospital - Design & Architecture. In addition, the hospital is also accredited by NABH and Green OT. 

Meitra delivers advanced patient care through integrated practice units called Centres of Excellence (COE). Each centre combines medical and surgical departments associated with the management of one disease area or organ system under a single leadership team. Meitra has six specialized COEs: Heart and Vascular Care, Bone, Joint and Spine Care, Neurosciences, Gastro Sciences, Nephro-Urosciences and Blood Diseases, Bone Marrow Transplant, and Cancer Immunotherapy. These centres are supported by renowned doctors, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and technology-integrated clinical practices. Meitra’s care-path model was developed under the advice of physicians from one of the world’s best hospitals. The COEs ensure that patients receive unparalleled clinical care that clearly sets the hospital apart in the industry.

At Meitra, patients are at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to serving the community and set to make a difference by creating an ethical and transparent practice that can uplift the perception of healthcare in the country. 

Health. Hope. Happiness | Brand Philosophy | Meitra Hospital

Our vision

To create a healthcare delivery system which is globally recognized for an exceptional patient experience, with the best possible clinical outcomes, integrated with transparent and ethical practices.

Our Mission

To compassionately care for our patients by providing uncompromised clinical care and quality services integrated with education and research. We strive towards creating a transparent, ethical and patient-friendly environment.

Core Values

Integrity and Courage Collaboration, Learning and Innovation Compassion and Service

Our Leadership

Meitra’s foundation is laid by its prestigious leaders, accomplished industrialists, and philanthropists with a firm belief that quality healthcare is the right of every individual.

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Our Milestone

The team at Meitra have constantly asked, "How can we better help the people we serve?". Driven by our founding vision of delivering evidence-based, ethical, patient care, we have sought to revolutionize the way that medicine is perceived and practiced.

Our Hospital Network

Meitra works closely with its partners to reduce disparities in healthcare, improve access and increase vital resources for those in need. We seek to leverage our expertise in prevention, patient care, and education to make the greatest impact in the community.

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