Meitra 24/7 Pharmacy

The Meitra Hospital Pharmacy is a dedicated unit for round-the-clock patient care. Our focus is on providing value-driven pharmaceutical care of the highest quality and safety standards. By delivering quick and accurate prescription services, while guiding patients on the importance of each medication and how to take them, our team of experienced pharmacists and skilled staff ensures that none of our customers is at risk of the unavailability of medicine when needed. With advanced software for billing, inventory management, and barcoding, our pharmacy is known for minimum turnaround time with zero errors.

Our pharmacy is available to patients 24/7 and caters to all their medical requirements. We believe in providing the highest quality of medications and disposables required by our out-patients and in-patients. In the in-patient environment, pharmacists work collaboratively with the interdisciplinary health care team to ensure optimal patient outcomes. 

Unique features of Meitra Hospital pharmacy include a Semi-automated Unit Dose Dispensing System, Multi-dose blister packaging, and IV admixture of medicines within a Sterile Clean Room under a Laminar Air Flow System, Pneumatic Chute, and Cold Chain Management.

We offer home-delivery services of medicines within 5km radius of Meitra Hospital.

Meitra 24/7 Pharmacy - An Extension of Your Care Team

Our Strengths

Meitra’s Pharmacy is a feasible and effective way to support your healthcare needs

Safe and Genuine Medications

Medicine Home Delivery Service

Easy return and refunds

Secure Payment

Suffering from a chronic disease?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order medicines at my home?

Yes! Meitra’s Pharmacy has a prompt and free home delivery of medicines. It is easier to place your order with just a call. 

What are the payment options for purchasing medicines?

We ensure secure payments through online transactions, card, and cash payments.

What are the working hours of the pharmacy at Meitra Hospital?

Our pharmacy is functioning 24/7 catering to any emergencies that may arise. You can call on +91 9393 108 108 for more details.