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Laboratory Medicine

At Meitra’s Department of Laboratory Medicine, your laboratory results are a key component of your physician’s accurate diagnosis and determining the best course of action that is appropriate for you. 

Driven to accelerate the vision of better health and care for everyone, the Department works 24x7 to deliver high-quality lab reports, operating on a reduced turn around time, with the help of the finest laboratory testing options and technology. Our Biochemistry lab is well-equipped with an integrated biochemistry and immunology system, the first of its kind in Kerala. The Phlebotomy unit has a sophisticated collection room considering the extreme privacy of each patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my tests done at my home?

Yes! Meitra Hospital offers free Home Sample Collection services. The Phlebotomist will visit your home at your convenient time to collect the sample. Reports can be collected at the center or sent via email. 

How do I obtain the critical values list?

As per standard laboratory medicine practices, it is important to assist physicians in responding to certain outcomes that indicate potentially life-threatening conditions. We have therefore identified a group of laboratory test results that will immediately notify physicians if it exceeds the normal range of values. These test results fall under chemistry, hematology, toxicology and blood bank.

Where can I go to provide a sample for testing?

Our patient services include sample collection rooms that are readily available and accessible on the same floor as that of the OPD consultation rooms, with medical staff that will draw blood, collect urine, or remove tissue for analysis at the lab.