Brain and Spine Surgery Brain and Spine Surgery

Brain and Spine Surgery

The Brain and Spine Surgery Department of The Centre for Excellence in Neurosciences at Meitra Hospital is a dedicated unit for all surgical interventions related to brain and spine conditions. Our expert team closely works with other specialists in neurology, oncology, neuroradiology, and orthopaedics to diagnose, treat, and manage your symptoms, to improve your quality of life.

With expertise in caring for patients with problems involving the brain, spine, cerebrovascular diseases, and other neurological conditions, the facility is well-equipped to cater to any situation with utmost precision and comprehensive care. We perform the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques and conservative procedures.

Specialized Clinics

Brain and Spine Surgery: The Brain and Spine Surgery clinic is a dedicated facility that looks at all disorders related to the Central Nervous System. The clinic is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic services and medical and surgical management.  

Successful Spinal Tumor Removal | Dr. Anoop Narendran

Frequently Asked Questions

Do neurosurgeons provide non-surgical care?

Yes. They evaluate the patients and then decide on the appropriate treatment. For the spine, that often includes medication, physical therapy, pain management, and others. Surgery is often necessary for only a small number of spine pain patients.

How do I prepare for surgery?

Your neurosurgeon may ask you to see a specialist to get clearance for surgery. The intent is to reduce the risk of anaesthesia by identifying medical conditions. For patients with a history of heart problems or who may be at increased risk of a heart attack, this may involve seeing a cardiologist and undergoing specific tests to assess the blood flow to the heart.

What types of surgery do Neurosurgeons perform?

Neurosurgeons treat patients for brain tumours, brain hemorrhages, cerebrovascular conditions, trauma to the brain and spine, spine tumours, neck pain and low back pain due to degenerative processes, tumours, infection, trauma, and others.