Criticalcare Medicine

Department Overview

The comprehensive Critical Care service at MEITRA HOSPITAL provides a complete solution for those who suffer from life-threatening illnesses. The 52-bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is equipped with state of the art equipment for managing all medical emergencies. An integral support function for all specialties, the Critical Care Department provides inter- disciplinary medical care based on applications of Diagnostics, Critical Care and Pain management, with an optimal, evidence-based approach. It has the advanced Draeger Innovian charting solution for automatic charting of monitored parameters as well as the most modern ventilators and monitors. Facilities for Haemodialysis are provided in all three Critical Care Units. The Medical & Surgical Unit also provides ECMO therapy to very sick patients. The Department of Critical Care is functional 24×7.


  • Individual cubicles considering patient privacy and preventing cross infection

    Isolation rooms (both negative pressure and positive pressure) for infected patients

    Advanced Draeger Innovian software linking all the ICU equipment

    Advanced Hospital Information System (Incarnus)

    Advanced therapeutic measures like ECMO

    All patient information and notes are entered into templated designed on Incarnus

    Latest Monitoring Equipment and Ventilators

    Automated paperless charting freeing up nurses to do their work

    All monitoring information is permanently stored in the hospital servers and can be retrieved at a future time

    Spacious cubicles with large windows and natural light, preventing the development of ICU Pyschosis in patients