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Our vision is to create a healthcare delivery system which is globally recognized for an exceptional patient experience with the best possible clinical outcomes, integrated with transparent and ethical practices.


Our mission is to compassionately care for our patients, by providing uncompromised clinical care, quality services integrated with education and research. We strive towards creating a transparent, ethical and patient friendly environment.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. P.K. Ahammed

    Chairman Emeritus

  • Mr. Faizal E. Kottikollon

    Chairman of the Board

  • Mr. Moidu K.E


  • Mr. Shanawaz K.E


  • Dr. Ali Faizal


  • Mr. Keshavdas


Chairman’s Message

MEITRA Hospital is inspired by the vision of creating a centre of excellence that would set the standard, globally, for an exceptional patient experience, combined with uncompromising clinical care and advanced medical research and education that would push the boundaries of modern medicine.

Our hospital’s name is a natural evolution from its Sanskrit roots: “Mein” = self and “Tra” = protection. We started the design and construction of the hospital keeping our patients, families, doctors, nurses and staff and the community in which we exist, in mind.

Bridging the gap between architecture, engineering and technology through the offsite design and manufacture of 85% of the hospital and onsite assembling, using the latest in automation and robotics, we were able to reduce considerably the impact on environment, while completing the project 18 months ahead of schedule.

Our medical team has created a unique care protocol by applying process-based tools to provide evidence-based, patient-centred outcomes. Integrating connectivity, communication, and access to information into our IT infrastructure design, we’re able to provide unified data resources connecting doctors, researchers, and patients, thereby facilitating the planning and discovery of the best illness prevention and treatment options, leading to the best patient experience.

In line with our vision and founding principles, we’re dedicated to reach the benefits of modern medical care to all, especially to those living in rural areas with limited access to resources and modern healthcare, by committing a significant percentage of the total number of beds at the hospital, free of charge.

In MEITRA, we have not only created a medical facility that our nation can be proud of, but also a team that will set the benchmark in the way healthcare is managed and delivered. With almost 25% of our patients expected from overseas and via medical tourism, the MEITRA team is equipped to handle the most complex and demanding of medical cases and challenges. The tireless and diligent efforts of our team have made MEITRA a unique healthcare destination. We pledge to continue those efforts for each and everyone that walks through our doors. Welcome to MEITRA!


Welcome to MEITRA!

Faizal E. Kottikollon