Labiaplasty Labiaplasty


Labiaplasty, also known as vaginal plastic surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to alter the appearance of the labia minora or labia majora, which are the folds of skin surrounding the vaginal opening. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to see results from labioplasty?

You should see a noticeable improvement in the size and shape of your labia minora immediately after the procedure. However, it may take several weeks or months for the final results to be fully visible.

What is the recovery like after labioplasty?

After the procedure, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Your surgeon will give you specific post-operative instructions and may prescribe pain medication. You should avoid strenuous physical activity for several weeks and follow up with your surgeon for post-operative appointments.

Will I have scars after labioplasty?

Scarring is minimal after labioplasty because the incisions are made in areas that are concealed by the labia majora. With proper care and time, scars typically fade and become less noticeable.