Gargash Hospital, Dubai

Gargash Hospital is a multi-speciality, tertiary hospital in Dubai, UAE, that has partnered with Meitra Hospital with the launch of the Center of Excellence for Bone, Joint and Spine

The collaboration offers preventive, medical and surgical treatments in Orthopaedics utilizing cutting-edge technology, equipped with the CORI Robotics Surgical System, the most advanced and efficient, real-intelligence hand-held robotics solution for joint replacement surgeries.

The CORI Robotics Surgical System simplifies the surgical process with pinpoint accuracy to place the knee implants through real-time imaging, carefully treating the soft tissues to attain optimized alignment and balance, which significantly improves the natural function and life expectancy of the knee, over regular, conventional joint replacement surgery. There will be less pain, reduced risk of muscle damage, and less rehabilitation time leading to an earlier, smoother return to an active lifestyle.

Another key offering is structural spine surgeries. For patients with back pain with conditions that fail to be medically treated such as degenerative discs, scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal column deformities, infection, fractures and herniated discs, structural spine surgeries help correct spinal deformities, speed recovery, minimize post-operative pain and improve recovery with excellent clinical outcomes.

Furthering this, the next phase of the partnership will extend with a collaboration with Meitra’s Center for Excellence in Heart and Vascular Care.

Gargash Hospital, Dubai

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