Meitra Care Clinic, Kasaragod

Meitra Care Clinic is a full-fledged family medicine clinic, with a first-of-its-kind device-assisted teleconsultation technology located in Kasaragod, the northernmost district in Kerala. The lack of quality healthcare in the region made people travel to other states for better treatment. Meitra is transforming the healthcare landscape in the region with the inception of the 4400 sq. ft facility.

The family physician at the clinic provides primary care to the patients and for those requiring specialist consultations, a teleconsultation is set up with the multi-specialist doctors from Meitra Hospital, Calicut. Through this technology, the doctor sitting in Calicut can capture a live feed of vitals and promote functional teleconsultation.

The clinic provides the Meitra Experience with services at par with global standards across health & wellness. The clinic is home to a host of technology & process innovations to not just provide treatment, but also make healthcare fluid and promote healthy living. It is a one-stop destination with services such as teleconsultations, diagnostics, a modern physiotherapy & rehabilitation studio, psychological counselling, nutrition experts, and a well-equipped pharmacy.

Tele-Medicine Enabled Meitra Care Clinic in Kasaragod

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