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Meitra Hospital

Meitra Hospital is one of the most advanced tertiary care centres in the South of India. We are committed to providing world-class patient care by blending the concepts of evidence-based-guidelines, modern-day-technologies, notable clinical expertise and unparalleled infrastructure; to enhance the quality of life of our patients. Our 220 bed hospital currently includes 52 individual state-of-the-art ICU suites along with 7 operation theatres with front-line sophisticated equipment and monitoring systems. Our expansion will eventually conclude into a 4,32,000 square-feet area catering to 500 beds, spread over 6.5 acres. We take utmost care in providing a holistic experience to not only our patients, but to their families as well. Along with medical facilities, our campus also boasts of multi-cuisine restaurants, pharmacy, entertainment and business centres and other retail opportunities; that make Meitra Hospital a proud global healthcare destination.

The Gastro Sciences Team

We provide the perfect blend of experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology by a team of handpicked well-known physicians, surgeons and interventional radiologists who have evolved over years as pioneers in their respective fields. Holistic healthcare tailored to each patient under one roof, is our motto.


The department comprises of some of the most experienced hands in Gastro Sciences. We provide round-the-clock emergency consultation and endoscopy services apart from the regular outpatient services.

  • 4 advanced endoscopy suites with mechanized and automated cleaning & recycling machinery, that ensure 100% disinfection.
  • All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to upper and lower GI, ERCP and endoscopic ultra-sound are performed.
  • 24/7 facilities for foreign body removal and GI bleed management.
  • We have facilities for painless Endoscopy.
  • We can perform Capsule Endoscopy on an outpatient basis.
  • We handle complications of biliary surgeries like bile leaks and CBD injury with consistent success.

Manometry & pH monitoring

A new and unique addition to the armamentarium of the department is the advanced 24-channel water-perfused high-resolution esophageal manometry, which provides
3D esophageal pressure topography; and the 8-channel water-perfused high-resolution anorectal manometry, facilitating diagnosis and treatment of motor disorders of the
GI tract.

We care for your comfort

  • Personalized care at all levels with experienced, cordial and trained staff.
  • The well-equipped intensive care with all-time availability of efficient intensivists.
  • The adequately manned, impeccable wards and rooms are matchless.
  • We ensure that the patient’s family is educated regarding the illness and their preventive aspects.

Gastro Intestinal Surgery

The department of Gastro Intestinal Surgery provides the right combination of expertise and technology, ensuring the best possible care available. It is holistically supported by
Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Interventional Radiology; providing the highest levels of safety and outcome. Our GI surgeons are highly competent in minimal access (Laparoscopic / Keyhole) surgeries, apart from the conventional open surgeries; thereby, enhancing patient experience with less pain, minimal scar and early recovery.

Our Clinics

Gastro Intestinal Cancer Clinic

Along with our Gastroenterologists and a panel of oncologists, we provide a comprehensive treatment strategy to impart the best outcome for GI cancers. The department focuses on Laparoscopic Surgeries for cancers, leading to speedy recovery and patient comfort.

Gall Bladder Clinic

Our surgeons with immense experience in Gall Bladder surgeries, come with an impeccable record of zero percent conversion rate. The safety and outcome is enhanced by our latest 4K System with real time ICG.

Hernia Clinic

The clinic provides both open and laparoscopic approach to the treatment of Hernias, with key-focus on laparoscopic management.

Bariatric Clinic

The clinic specializes in multiple options for weight-loss including pharmacological, endoscopic and surgical management, tailored to patient needs.

Proctology Clinic

Armed with modern technology, like video proctoscope, infrared coagulators, doppler guided haemorrhoidal artery ligation, anal manometry and LASER; the clinic provides the most comprehensive treatment options for proctology related issues.

Interventional Gastro Radiology

  • Evidence and protocol based clinical care with multidisciplinary Gastro board – integrating medical, surgical and interventional expertise.
  • Dedicated and dynamic senior interventionalists delivering round-the-clock services of global standards.
  • Minimally invasive image guided procedures spanning the entire spectrum of gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, splenic and GI vascular diseases.
  • South India’s first Robotic Hybrid 4D Cathlab – Artis Zeego; a benchmark in endovascular interventions.
  • Fully stocked cath shelf with ready-to-use materials, from basic to the most advanced gastro procedures.
  • State-of-the-art gastro radiology with 128 MDCT, 3 Tesla MRI, high-end USG-Doppler and Digital Fluoroscopy for accurate diagnosis and precise image guided interventions.
  • A vibrant emergency department, exclusive emergency corridor, unified OT-cathlab–critical care complex, advanced gastro intensive care with individual ICU suites.
  • Perfect amalgamation of science, arts, ethics and compassion providing the most holistic healthcare experience.

Scope of Services

  • Pin-hole procedures for abdominal bleeding.
  • Minimally invasive management for Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension.
  • Advanced facilities in ablation of liver / abdominal tumors.
  • Percutaneous endobiliary interventions.
  • Novel interventions for abdominal pain.
  • Advanced pancreatic and splenic procedures.
  • Mesenteric / Portal / Caval / Complex arterial & venous interventions.


Dr. Mohamed K
Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist and Head of the Department

Dr.Jijo V. Cherian
Senior consultant & Director, Endoscopy Services

Dr. Javed P
Associate Consultant, Gastroenterology

Dr. Anup S Nair
Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr. Rohit Ravindran
Senior Consultant & HoD, Gastro Surgery

Dr. Shanavas Kakkat
Consultant Gastro Surgeon

Dr. Mohammed Rafeeque P K
Senior Consultant – Neurointervention