Department Overview

Meitra Hospital pharmacy is to help our patients to make the best use of their medicines and thereby contributing in the betterment of their health. At Meitra Hospital, we are providing a fast, friendly and professional service by a squad of well qualified and experienced hands of pharmacists and well supported by Clinical Pharmacists who are committed towards the excellent patient care. We will not compromise the round the clock dedicated service to our outpatients and inpatients. We have the unique sphere of providing our service on all Sundays and on Public Holidays with a well furnished medication stock for all our hospital needs. We ensure that our patient bystanders are not at risk of ruling out the medicines even in the late hours, thus on time treatment can be assured at Meitra Hospital.

Our Objective is to serve all customers in a pleasing way with minimum turnaround time through a Single Window System using barcoding technology, ensuring zero medication errors and appropriate counseling by the qualified Pharmacists.

Unique features of Meitra Hospital pharmacy includes Semi-automated Unit Dose Dispensing System, Multi –dose blister packaging, IV admixture of medicines within a Sterile Clean Room under Laminar Air Flow System, Pneumatic Chute and Cold chain management.