Department Overview


MEITRA’s Centre for Neurosurgery has a top-of-the-line medical team comprising Neurosurgeons and Interventionists who have an extensive exposure and experience in dealing with all types of neurosurgical problems. Consistently keeping abreast of the latest global developments in the realm, the team offers collaborative and comprehensive care solutions with a view to keep the benchmarks of outcomes at par with the standards set by reputed institutions across the world.

The Centre has exceptional competencies in dealing with conditions like brain and spine tumors, aneurysms, vascular neurosurgery, pituitary tumors, skull-base and endoscopic procedures, functional and epilepsy surgeries, head and spine trauma. The department’s Neurosurgeons, trained in India and abroad, have the calibre and experience to perform challenging and highly technical surgeries, supported by sophisticated equipment and the most advanced surgical techniques. The surgeons collaborate with the specialists to ensure that patients get the personalized care they need, right from evaluation and diagnosis through follow-up.


  • Areas of special expertise include:

    Cranial Microneurosurgery for vascular diseases (Aneurysm/AVM)

    Minimally invasive/keyhole cranial surgery/neuro endoscopy]

    Endoscopic skull-base and extended skull-base procedures

    Skull-base surgery

    Head and spine trauma surgery

    Neuro critical care

    Integrated spine unit with dedicated suite equipped with navigation and O-Arm for minimally invasive and complex spine surgeries

    Awake craniotomy

    Epilepsy surgery

    Functional neurosurgery