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Interventional Gastro Radiology

Evidence and protocol based clinical care with multidisciplinary Gastro board – integrating medical, surgical and interventional expertise.

Dedicated and dynamic senior interventionalists delivering round-the-clock services of global standards.

Minimally invasive image guided procedures spanning the entire spectrum of gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, splenic and GI vascular diseases.

South India’s first Robotic Hybrid 4D Cathlab – Artis Zeego; a benchmark in endovascular interventions.

Fully stocked cath shelf with ready-to-use materials, from basic to the most advanced gastro procedures.

State-of-the-art gastro radiology with 128 MDCT, 3 Tesla MRI, high-end USG-Doppler and Digital Fluoroscopy for accurate diagnosis and precise image guided interventions.

A vibrant emergency department, exclusive emergency corridor, unified OT-cathlab–critical care complex, advanced gastro intensive care with individual ICU suites.

Perfect amalgamation of science, arts, ethics and compassion providing the most holistic healthcare experience.

Scope of Services

  • Pin-hole procedures for abdominal bleeding.

      Minimally invasive management for Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension.  

    Advanced facilities in ablation of liver / abdominal tumors.  

    Percutaneous endobiliary interventions.  


    Novel interventions for abdominal pain.  

    Advanced pancreatic and splenic procedures.  

    Mesenteric / Portal / Caval / Complex arterial & venous interventions.