gastro intestinal surgery & advanced laparoscopy

Gastro Intestinal Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy

The department of Gastro Intestinal Surgery provides the right combination of expertise and technology, ensuring the best possible care available. It is holistically supported by Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Interventional Radiology; providing the highest levels of safety and outcome. Our GI surgeons are highly competent in minimal access (Laparoscopic / Keyhole) surgeries, apart from the conventional open surgeries; thereby, enhancing patient experience with less pain, minimal scar and early recovery.

Our Clinics

Gastro Intestinal Cancer Clinic

Along with our Gastroenterologists and a panel of oncologists, we provide a comprehensive treatment strategy to impart the best outcome for GI cancers. The department focuses on Laparoscopic Surgeries for cancers, leading to speedy recovery and patient comfort.

Gall Bladder Clinic

Our surgeons with immense experience in Gall Bladder surgeries, come with an impeccable record of zero percent conversion rate. The safety and outcome is enhanced by our latest 4K System with real time ICG.

Hernia Clinic

The clinic provides both open and laparoscopic approach to the treatment of Hernias, with key-focus on laparoscopic management.

Bariatric Clinic

The clinic specializes in multiple options for weight-loss including pharmacological, endoscopic and surgical management, tailored to patient needs.

Proctology Clinic

Armed with modern technology, like video proctoscope, infrared coagulators, doppler guided haemorrhoidal artery ligation, anal manometry and LASER; the clinic provides the most comprehensive treatment options for proctology related issues.


  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy

    Cancer surgery of the GI tract including esophagus – Focus on minimally invasive surgeries

    HPB surgeries – pancreas, bile duct and liver surgeries

    Colorectal surgeries

    Complex Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    Thoracolaparoscopic Esophagectomy

    Upper GI surgery –Stomach, small bowel and esophagus

    Complex Appendicectomy – Laparoscopic