Anaesthesiology and Pain Management

Department Overview

The Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management consists of a team of well-trained Anaesthesiologists –  Senior Consultant, Consultants and Junior Consultants. The Department provides inter-disciplinary medical care based on the applications of Anaesthesia in Surgeries, Diagnostics and Pain Management with an optimal and evidence-based approach ensuring the safety of the patient. Anaesthesiologists are assisted by well trained technicians, who are taking care of anaesthesia and pain control needs of the patients. The team, which is supported by the state-of-art equipment and infrastructure, always strive to give best service to each patient. The department services start from preoperative optimisation extending well to the post-operative period to make the patient as comfortable as possible during and after surgery.


  • Round the clock anaesthesia service

    Expert team of experienced and anaesthesiologists, supported by trained anaesthesia technicians and advanced monitoring equipments to ensure safe anaesthesia practice

    Pre Anaesthesia Assessment and Optimisation of patients prior to surgery

    High risk anaesthesia management

    Difficult airway management

    Geriatric and paediatric anaesthesia

    Acute and Chronic pain management

    Difficult vascular access

    Day care anaesthesia

    Part of Code Blue Team for resuscitation in cardiac arrest

    Post-operative visit for optimal patient outcome