Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine

Department Overview

Our department offers 24×7 service and supports every other medical and surgical specialities. We offer services to all patients both in-house and out of the hospital who are in urgent need of blood and its components. We are equipped with highly advanced technology for blood collection, component preparation and storage. A well equipped team of trained and experienced staff in blood bank is committed to provide a safe and satisfying donation experience. Our skilled manpower following good manufacturing practices can assure safe blood and blood products. We have high quality equipments like deep freezers and platelet agitators for storing blood components at optimal conditions. Our department emphasises on high quality standards in all aspects of transfusion services. We aim to provide the right blood to the right patient at the right time.


  • Blood grouping and Rh typing

    Pre-donation counselling

    Blood donation facility

    Post-donation counselling

    Test for transfusion transmitted diseases

    Compatibility testing

    Component separation

    Issue of blood and blood products

    Coomb's test (direct and indirect)

    Therapeutic phlebotomy